Curse you TVTropes!
 For some reason I fear writing. I suspect this has something to do with my goal in writing fanfic is to have at least two be recommended by TVTropes. Easier said than done. However, I am slowly getting around to writing a few of my ideas. My main fic[s] have yet to come, since the person beta reading says the character is unsympathetic. Understandable, but he is meant to be a jackass-ish character at first, and slowly be revealed to push everyone away.

Gah. Mind currently overloading.


And now, a story that would double the Autobot cast of Transformers: Prime
 So, story of six new arrivals in Atlanta, and what they turn into/personalities. One human companion, and then what nationalities the Autobots would have and why.

Glyph: MINI Cooper. Function: Linguist and Diplomat. Glyph is the non-action member and leader of the group, being normally calm [but freaks out in combat] and uses fast-talking to get out of sticky situations. She has a temper though, but it takes a lot for it to come out. Southern USA Holo-Avatar, because Southern Belles tend to be the kind who are calm but more than capable when things get ugly.

Ironhide: Dunbar Armored Truck. Function: Bodyguard. Ironhide is old, and he's seen it all. Made of a ridiculously, tough metal, he can bull-rush his way through many Eradicons before falling. He keeps the SS twins in check for Glyph, who he was assigned to after Cybertron died. British Holo-Avatar, because British will just grin and bear it when things get truly ugly. Also, the British have the oldest true monarchy left.

Hoist: Tow Truck Function: Medic. Hoist is the jovial sort you want as your doctor. While not the best, he is very good at making everything run a peak performance, and will not take excuses for missing an appointment. He took Jolt under his wing after the young one showed promise with healing others. Canadian Holo-Avatar since Canadians are normally happy and tend to be funny.

Jolt: Opel Ampera Function: Trooper and Medical Aide. Jolt is a prankster, but not one who does it maliciously. He helps keep the team's spirits up, and knocks the SS twins down a peg or two when needed. He continually generates a electrical charge, so he can keep patients alive when he and Hoist are operating. Jamaican Holo-Avatar since Jamaicans have a great accent and are just naturally 'cool'. He'd be the Kid-Appeal character and hopefully not a scrappy.

Sideswipe: Ferrari 458. Function: Warrior. Sideswipe is a nice person, if a bit irritating. A master swordsman, he uses counters and ripostes to beat his opponents. Egotistical, but normally has the skill to back it up. Dislikes his twin Sunstreaker, but stay with him because he is one of the few people Sunstreaker tolerates. Italian Holo-Avatar since he is a supercar, and Italians are known for being crafty.

Sunstreaker: Lamborghini Murcielago. Function: Warrior. Sunstreaker is better than you, no exceptions, ever. At least, that's what he thinks. In reality, he is an arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic sociopath bully.  A great gunman, he is typically second in an attack by Sideswipe, shooting those 'Sides doesn't kill. Same Holo-Avatar as Sideswipe, for the same reasons.

If I can come up with more story, I'll post.

And now, for something that isn't a story concept
 Those hands, I cannot forget those silly, delicate hands. Always spinning and dancing and cutting away, spinning and dancing and crushing away, twirling and whirling and warping away. I cannot fathom how to get away, every time I close my eyes they come back. Any peace of mind I gain is lost within their image. No escape, I can't escape, nothing can get me away from those dancing, enthusiastic, delicate mechanical hands and their diamond-encrusted fingers.

So far, no one who has said this out loud has said it in an 'I'm going insane' sort of way.

Elsewhere in the multiverse
So, this time an elsewhere/alternate universe mass effect fanfic. Basically, an asari cruiser is orbiting earth when a virgin galactic craft comes near, some stuff happens [I am working on that, part of it will be a case of 'I didn't think this through!'] and the cruiser winds up in Stockbridge, GA. Really I just wanted to write a mundane story but didn't know how to make it interesting enough; being stuck with having to everything mundane with an alien whom only you can understand would work right? I do have a plan for it getting more non-mundane, but for now it would be just fine.

Now to get around to writing the stupid thing...

Code: Avatar
 Alright, new idea to post, even if it has been bubbling in my head for a little bit. A Code: Lyoko/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover. So far, I know that the Avatar world would be an MMO world Programmed into the Supercomputer from Lyoko, with the Avatar him/herself as a Admin character, who may wind up sentient due to X.A.N.A. related weirdness. Presumably the other characters would gain their abilities by leveling? Hmmm.......

Transformers in Paradise
 Okay, time for Idea #1. This is a crossover story in between Transformers and Burnout: Paradise. Now, it'll be a mix of Canon!Paradise City, and Concept!Paradise City. Still mentally working on things, but I know I have to come up with lists for 'heavyweights' and a few more cars for the Canon companies.

Hi, I'm ******** the new guy.
 So, this entry will just be a rundown on what I'll be posting here:
The occasional bit of nonsense
Odd news or things that aren't nonsense, stories or ideas.


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